Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's been a while...


Okay...I know. I was gone for a long time. A really long time. As much as I hate to admit it, that is my pattern with blogs. I didn't have any internet beyond my phone for that whole time though, so you can understand my main reason for my hiatus.


I didn't really know where this blog was going. I'm a parent, but I didn't feel comfortable as a mommy blog. I spend all day playing with, reading to, making food for, cleaning up after, and generally chasing a toddler around--I don't want or need to relive it all on the blog. I thought I could showcase my crafts, too, which is still totally feasible and planned, but I made the mistake of starting a project online before really getting into it in real life, and then a whole bunch of Life happened and the office was put off indefinitely. Now we actually have an office in a different room though! But I digress. I felt lost as a writer and I didn't want to flounce from concept to concept. I already have a personal blog, so that doesn't need to be here (as a main theme) either.

What I originally meant by "Everyday Alchemy" is that magic is something you make daily. Each day can have surprises, fun, and be meaningful without necessarily being an event. So now that I've regained an internet connection I feel like I can return to my true intentions for here!

I have a lot of plans (as usual) with some cool projects already in the works. I can't wait to finish and share them with you!

Midweek Inspiration

Saturday, June 1, 2013

DIY: Make an Office!

Real talk, y'all. I've been blogging from my sofa this whole time, with my laptop set up on a plastic patio table I got on clearance from the drugstore. I have a binder and a whole bunch of random pencils, makeup samples, cords and envelopes on my "side desk" a.k.a. the living room end table. It's kind of awkward at best, and I find myself accepting its mediocrity as a space. Plus it's kind of hard to work in the same spot I relax in. We have a few good spaces in the house that could work as an office though, and it's my weekend project to launch myself into one of these three rooms.